05-22-16 From the archives! For your downloading pleasure; a great multi-track recording of a show at Bailey's in 2006. "That song is about sacrificing a friend to get home safely." - Baird, 4/29/06 Click here!

The Meds are playing a special Halloween show at Stillwater Pub on October 30th.

10-10-10 You can see all of the songs from The Meds BAAM performance here.

8-1-10 The Meds are playing the Birmingham Music and Art Festival or BAAM. They'll be at Stillwater Pub on August 20th, at 7:00pm. Click here for more info on BAAM.

7-1-10 The Meds are on Facebook. Check it out here.

5-01-09 Check out the video for Leaving California!

9-09-08 While recently wiling away the hours looking through old Meds shows I found this cut of "Painless" from 2003. I think it's only the second time that it had been played. There were six Meds back then. Where'd everybody go? Click to hear "Painless" from 2003.

9-1-06 We've got a video clip of "Regenerations" up on YouTube.com Check it out.

  • 9-1-06 I broke into the archive and have posted some older video on YouTube.com Here's a clip of The Present from November 2004. A 2004 take of A Jam is also available.

  • 8-26-06 As some of you have discovered there are several "Easter Eggs" hidden throughout the non-flash side of the sight, mostly MP3's of rarely played Meds songs and even a cover or two. Happy hunting.
  • 3-16-06 We've joined the masses. Visit our new MySpace profile. Let's be friends.
  • 3-6-06 All of the original Meds tracks from the show last month are now available for free download on the music page.
  • 3-5-06 The band will be playing at Bailey's on Friday March 10th.
  • 1-30-06 Hear clips of new music from Alo's Meds.
  • 1-25-06 The band will be returning to Bailey's on February 4th. Click here for more info.
  • 6-5-05 LOTS of new downloads on the Music page.
  • 12-18-04 Our studio cut of The Present has hit #1 on Amazon.com's
    Free Digital Downloads Progressive Rock chart.